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Accreditation/re-accreditation process for seafarer’s doctors

Last updated: 19.11.2015 // The medical practitioner shall first comply with the requirements of section 7 of the Health Regulations.

Accordingly, the medical practitioner must have:

 • An authorisation to practice as a medical doctor

• Completed course in maritime medicine

• A quality system implemented

• Command of English (written and spoken)

• Necessary knowledge of Norwegian legislation (particularly the Health Regulations and Public Administration Act)

 In order to apply for accreditation or re-accreditation following documents must be submitted to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv:

  • Filled in application form   Application form for seafarer's doctors
  • Confirmation that you have completed a course in maritime medicine approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority
  • Documentation that you have implemented a quality system in accordance with an internationally recognised standard
  •  Confirmation that you have normal colour vision or have made arrangements so that the employee's colour vision can be properly examined;

If the medical practitioner is approved, he/she must apply for a D-number as soon as possible.

Information regarding courses in maritime medicine you can find http://www.ncmm.no