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Online application for CRAs

Last updated: 04.11.2015 // Beneath you may find the instructions from Norwegian Maritime Directorate how to receive CRAs without submitting the documents to the Embassy.

The only exception is application for endorsement for Master, the procedure is still the same as it used to be.

 It is only to fill in the application electronically and send it to the ship-owner, and then receive the CRA by email.

 Instructions from Norwegian Maritime Directorate

 The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA - Sjøfartsdirektoratet) has introduced an online solution for foreign seafarers to apply for CRA (Certificate of Receipt of Application) - a temporary permission to work on Norwegian ships.

 CRA is issued pending a decision by the NMA to issue a permanent certificate to work on Norwegian ships - STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers).

 CRA can only be issued to seafarers from countries that Norway has an agreement with, see link http://www.sjofartsdir.no/en/guides/recognition-of-foreign-certificates-of-competency-for-maritime-personnel-on-norwegian-ships-in-accordance-with-regulation-i10-of-the-stcw-convention/ 

Up to now, foreign seafarers have had to apply for CRA via a Norwegian foreign service mission (Embassy or Consulate General/ Consulate).

 Following the introduction of the electronic application system, foreign seafarers are no longer required to apply for CRA via a Norwegian foreign service mission, ​​except captains with citizenship outside the EU / EEA, who must still use this procedure.

For seafarers from countries that Norway has an agreement with, except captains with citizenship outside the EU / EEA, the following application procedure has been introduced:

The seafarer or manning agent can now apply online for CRA at the NMA’s website http://www.sjofartsdir.no/en/seafarers/apply-for-maritime-certificates-online/apply-for-endorsement/


The CRA application is sent automatically to the shipping company’s mailbox, which processes it and submits it electronically to the NMA if the documentation is in order.


The company receives the CRA from the NMA electronically within a few minutes, and forwards it to the manning agent. The agent prints out the CRA in paper form and submits it to the sailor.

When the NMA has finished its examination of the application, it issues the STCW certificate, which is then sent to the seafarer.