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Norway’s official websites abroad
Photo: Guri Dahl /tinagent.no.Photo: Guri Dahl /tinagent.no

Are you a student or a researcher?

Norway is an exciting country that offers visiting students and researchers unique experiences, both at its universities and in their free time.

Every year, Norwegian higher education institutions receive over 10 000 qualified foreign students. You can find information about studying in Norway, and available scholarships, on the website Study in Norway.

International cooperation is essential in the world of research. Norway wishes to play its part in generating new knowledge and to participate in cutting-edge international research. Information for researchers can be found on the website of the Research Council of Norway.

Residence permit
Foreign students and researchers must as a rule have a residence permit. Read more about this on our information page on visas and residence. There is also a lot of practical information from the public authorities on the website New in Norway.