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Norway’s official websites abroad

Tourist information

Experience the northern lights or the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle, or visit the world-famous Norwegian fjords, spectacular mountains and glaciers.

You can find detailed tourist information on the website of the official travel guide to Norway, Visit Norway.

Information about customs regulations can be found on the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Customs and Excise.
The Norwegian Food Safety Authority provides information about bringing pets into Norway.

Entering Norway
All foreign nationals travelling to Norway must have a valid travel document, and for the vast majority of people this means a valid passport. Nationals of certain countries must in addition have a valid visa before travelling to Norway. Foreign nationals who are required to have a visa are also obliged to have travel medical insurance. European nationals must bring their national European health insurance card in order to have the costs of any treatment they may need covered while travelling in Europe. It is recommended that all foreign nationals have travel insurance that is valid for the whole trip.