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Other industries

Norway’s other industries, famous for their use of innovative technologies include the following :

Hydropower – Norway has over 900 hydropower plants in operation generating over 99% of the country’s  electricity needs. The country’s successful experience in implementing environmentally sustainable hydropower projects makes Norwegian hydropower expertise to be in great demand abroad.

– Norsk Hydro is currently Europe’s leading supplier of nitrate and complex fertilisers as well as urea and ammonia. Annual production is over 10 million tonnes for customers worldwide.

Pulp & Paper
– Norway is one of the major players in the world pulp and paper markets. Approximately 90% of the entire output of Norway’s 30 plus pulp and paper mills is exported to the EU, Asia and the USA.

– Norwegian information and communications technology industry is rapidly becoming a new national flagship. The industry comprises a wide variety of high technology companies in telecommunications, ICT hardware and software, industrial electronics and consultancy services.

Consumer Products
– Norway offers a range of top-quality finished products and consumer goods on the international market. The use of fine materials, as well as expert craftsmanship and advanced production techniques, gives these products a stamp of excellence.

Environmental Technology
– a number of Norwegian companies and organisations offer equipment, consultancy and research services in a variety of areas. Products range from emergency oil spill clean-up and containment booms, filter technologies to reduce or eliminate emissions of greenhouse gases from industrial processes, to integrated water treatment and waste management systems. Norway’s research institutes also participate extensively in international environmental studies and in the search for practicalble solutions.

For additional information regarding Norwegian industries please visit the following sites:

Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries (TBL): www.tbl.no
Eksportfinans - the Norwegian export credit agency: www.eksportfinans.no
Norwegian IT Trade and Industry Association: www.ikt-norge.no
Norwegian Ministry of the Environment: www.odin.dep.no
Nortrade – the official Norwegian business environment on the Internet: www.nortrade.com